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Gail Taylor speaking as a keynote speaker


Connect with Gail for Your Next Event and Discover One of Canada’s Most Inspiring Keynote Speakers

Speakers Bureau of Canada - Gail Taylor

Gail is represented by the Speaker Bureau of Canada. Click the link below to book her:

Gail is an inspirational storyteller who represents the essence of personal development and potential, showing what is truly possible for every one of us.

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Podcast Interviews

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Mario Tuneguzzi


To inspire, entertain and coach folks to become their best selves, using music, self development tools and personal stories.

Customizing the best speech for your audience, whether the topic is:

LEVELING UP - Growth Mindset Women’s Empowerment - oR navigating addiction recovery

Rose - Gail Taylor Music

Curve Balls To Home Runs Level Up - Embracing Life’s Challenges

Our fast-paced, ever-changing world is guaranteed to generate challenges. This entertaining 60-minute keynote will inspire your audience to create higher goals and embrace life’s challenges with grace. This session weaves personal stories and successes achieved, using three simple and effective tools to guide individuals to reach their fullest potential both in the workplace and other areas of their life. Your audience will leave with a new look on: - How to not only set lofty goals but follow through in creating them - Strategies to get their juices flowing and really figure out what they want from life - Ways to shift to a more positive mindset allowing success to manifest expediently This can result in: - A work atmosphere that all levels of employees are excited about their roles - Reduced stress with effective Time Management practices - A growth mindset which is key to a corporation’s success The strategies are designed to improve small and large group dynamics and bring the hidden passions to the forefront. Designed For: Corporations, Professional Associations (Medical, Teachers, Dentists etc..)

Get It Girl!!! - Finding And Using Your Queen Energy

Crown - Gail Taylor Music

Women have been competing for their rightful and equal place in the workforce as well as many other areas of society for decades, and although we have come a long way, full equality is still in the horizon. Believing in yourself and creating the life you want is what it’s all about. This 60-minute interactive keynote will inspire your female audience to find their power and leverage their areas of strength. Topics covered include burnout, negotiation, and goal setting. Gail inspires her audience to set elevated goals and then follow through allowing female visionaries to find their purpose and reach their fullest potential. Your audience will leave with a new look on: - Strategies for combatting imposter syndrome - A simple three step guide to realizing their dreams - Effective tools for setting boundaries - Fail proof time management techniques - Leadership skills This can result in: - An approach to finding their passions and living with purpose - Elevated confidence - Reduced stress with effective Time Management practices - Positive mindset which is key to high level success in all endeavors Designed For: Female Audiences and their Allies, Conferences for Women, Professional Women Associations (Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Business, Women Networking Groups etc…)

Heart in Hands - Gail Taylor Music

Be Your Own Wings - How To Love An Addict And Yourself At The Same Time

There is a current opioid epidemic in North America and the end isn’t in sight. Pharmacies are giving out free Naloxone kits and many folks are grabbing them. We’re preparing ourselves in case we can save a live on your way to work. So how do you cope when a family member falls prey, or your friends keep dying? This informative, and interactive keynote will leave your audience with a new perspective on life and help them drive their efforts to what really matters. Gail has lived through the turmoil and is speaking from her own life experiences. Topics covered include: - Giving yourself permission to be happy when a loved one is struggling - Understanding what’s in your control and what’s not - Addiction is a disease, and a large percentage of the population is affected – you are not alone - Healthy habits – coping tools This can result in: - Tools to shift out of co-dependency and enabling habits - How to develop a community for support and future insights - A lifestyle with less guilt and stress and more self-compassion Gail will share intimate, personal, and emotional stories on how her and her son survived their situation. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will leave with skills that will help you take a more positive next step in your journey. Designed For: Mental Health Organizations, Recovery Conferences, Support Groups for Families of Addicts, Health Care Professionals (Family Services, Counselors, First Responders, etc.. , Advocacy Groups)

"Gail has a flare for the stage, and everyone loves watching her perform. As one of her early Music Coaches I found it exciting to see her inspire others to leave their comfort zones and perform on stage for the first time.  If you believe you can’t do something you probably won’t be able to.  But, if you really believe you can, you will find a way to gain the skills and Gail is living proof of this. She has a great sense of humor and is a true motivator."

Deanna Clee,

Joy Productions Inc.

Mallory Trunnell,

Nashville Musician and Songwriter

I met Gail when she first started writing songs and immediately fell in love with her fearlessness.  She arrived in Nashville with a song she wrote on the plane and it was the beginning of our co-writing a number of songs. She started off as my music student and then became my life teacher.  She is so optimistic, and I love the way she looks at life.  Its addictive. 
She can combine motivational speaking with her musicianship perfectly.  It’s who she is.

"I connected with Gail’s message and her down-to-earth, forthright attitude. Speaking honestly and from the heart, her blend of reasoning and passion lets her audience know they can make a positive difference…"

Petra Remy,

ACS, MA, CFP, Investment Advisor, Remy Investment Group, CIBC Wood Gundy

Why Choose Gail as Your Keynote?

Gail Taylor - Virtual keynote speaker

Since the late 70’s Gail Taylor, a self-made millionaire, has been studying the art of personal betterment, focusing on setting and meeting goals.  While achieving independent financial success, Gail spent decades improving and educating herself, acquiring a CIMA (Certified Investment Manager Analyst) from Wharton University, an MBA from Queens University, and executive training (Micro-Finance) at Harvard Business School.

She achieved all these accomplishments while working full-time to build a very successful Investment Advisory practice.  Always looking to embrace new challenges, Gail ran the New York Marathon at 50, fundraised for impoverished communities in Mexico, and most recently, has honed her gifts as a songwriter and aspiring pianist. 

Gail’s Keynote speeches encourage people to take control of their personal and business lives as she assists them in their unique journeys toward financial independence, attaining their goals, and good mental and physical health. She uses creativity, music, and innovation to create a sensory experience for her audiences, taking events to the next level.

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