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Community Involvement

"Gail’s unrelenting efforts to raise awareness in the community are immeasurable… I thank her for being a tireless advocate for the environment, for social justice, and for strong corporate governance."

Alicja Brown,

B.Sc. RIAC QAFP Investment Advisor, Brown Investment Group, CIBC Wood Gundy

We are in the middle of an opioid crisis. Community members from all walks of life struggle with addiction to opioids and other substances, and they desperately need our help. Edmonton-based McDougall House Recovery Home for Women provides the framework to foster the second phase of recovery from addiction. Their organization needs our support now more than ever.

GAIL TAYLOR MUSIC is committed to helping this worthy cause. Like many of you, addiction has affected people Gail Taylor loves.  Covid19 has indeed taken a toll on everyone, but the outcome is even grimmer for folks struggling with addiction. Whether you consider addiction a disease or a disorder, the bottom line is that if individuals don’t have the tools to overcome it, the bitter consequence is often jail or death.


Gail is spearheading an initiative to help empower women in their second phase of recovery from addiction. At this stage, they have completed some rehabilitation and are focused on staying in a safe, drug-free environment like the one McDougall House offers them. From here, they can look for work, continue to heal, and begin new lives.


On the release date of each of the five songs in her “City Girl Goes Country Music Series,” *Gail and her husband Harold will donate $2,000, for a total of $10,000 to McDougall House! *The Gail and Harold Taylor Foundation


Furthermore, Gail will donate any net proceeds from any downloads of these songs on  Bandcamp  for one year to McDougall House.

OR you can go directly to the McDougall House website to make your donation and get a tax receipt.


If you want to join Gail to positively affect the lives of women who want to overcome addiction, here are some facts to consider:


A donation of $40 will cover room and board for one day in this Safe Haven.


A donation of $250 will include Room and Board and a full day of programs, including workshops and counselling that will provide these women with tools to stay drug-free and re-establish meaningful lives. 


A donation of $500 pays for a counsellor for one month.

Whether through Gail Taylor Music downloads or a direct donation, 

McDougall House recovery home for women

McDougall House Recovery Home for Women provides a safe treatment environment that empowers women in recovery from addictions through knowledge, awareness, and behavioural change so that they may choose to live healthy, happy and productive lives.

To learn more or to make a direct donation, CLICK HERE

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