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The Gail Taylor Brand Story

Communication and Transformation through Music

The foundation of Gail Taylor Music is built on the philosophy that music can transform and positively impact individuals and communities. Ultimately, the brand aims to be synonymous with advocating and inspiring people through musical atmosphere and joy.

Gail Taylor is a Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist who has recently begun sharing her outgoing personality and musical talents with the world under the stage name "Gail T as Charged." Utilizing her songwriting/production abilities, Gail collaborates with other musicians, creating originals and covering an array of songs in various genres. 

Gail is already armed with a faithful following on social media and is now moving confidently into her new calling in the music industry. She has found leverage from her lifelong career in finance, filling an untapped niche and thrilling clients with custom-written songs and inspirational keynote speeches.


Gail Taylor is currently collaborating with outstanding

musicians, including renowned Edmontonian Danny Hooper and Mallory Trunnell from Nashville. She continues to release new music and focuses her energy on creative projects that sync with her mandate to "give back" in every possible way.

New Country music singers

A Brand and an Artist with Integrity

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Dreamin' bout the Good Life

Staying Young

Time is on My Side

The Game of Life - Remix

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– About the Artist 

High-energy, eloquent, and passionate, GAIL T AS CHARGED designs musical performances to entertain and motivate multi-million-dollar companies and small organizations alike!  And GAIL T AS CHARGED is fun - perhaps the most critical asset when inspiring and re-energizing audiences and clients!

GAIL T AS CHARGED's style includes rock and roll, country and country-rock, with rockabilly influences.  Her shows will generate a wide range of different emotions, communicated through entertaining lyrics and a mix of instruments that may include the keyboard, bass, guitar, synth, and drums. In addition to original material, GAIL T AS CHARGED plays songs by artists whose music and lyrics inspire and offer positive social messages. Any song on their playlist is sure to leave you enthused!